Street Fashion // #FreeFoad
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About the Brand

This is American Lit; introducing fine art aesthetics back into urban American culture. 

The founder of American Lit, Zack Afshar, has two passionsart and hip hop. With a special interest in Calligraffiti, a practice that bonds the ancient practice of writing, calligraphy, with the brash urban reactionary art of graffiti, he saw it fit to create an aesthetic and creative environment in which these parallel cultures of the United States could thrive. 

The items designed by American Lit call back to literature, both in writing, and in the idea that hip hop is the purest form of urban contemporary literature. These items will follow the values of hip hop, such as authenticity, and respect, while maintaining considered and meticulously crafted aesthetics. Designs are thoughtful, and still attention-grabbing. With the new wave of hip hop artists being especially fashionably minded, Zack saw an opportunity in reaching the culture through our closest means of expressing ourselves, the clothes we carry with us each and every day, and the aesthetic environment with which we surround ourselves.

Take part in the movement. Get Lit.